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JJBA OC: SACRED HEART by priestofdune JJBA OC: SACRED HEART by priestofdune
When accessing the full power of St. Elsewhere in its “Go-Go Gadget Gospel” form; a strange gold object breaks from under the stands stone like skin, just over its heart. A small slot is visible over the strange object; only one thing could fit into it-a stand arrow! Behold St. Elsewhere’s Requiem form: Sacred Heart!

Sacred Heart’s abilities are few, but very powerful (almost cheap)!

The right side (really most of its body) of Sacred Hears body displays dazzling scenes of outer space; planets, stars, suns, meteors, est. But this is more than just a fancy look, the stands body is a gateway for the entire universe! If the stands user needs a vehicle the stand can just pull one out if its body! Need a safe place to stay? The stand can pull out an entire house! Need to stop pursuers? The stand can pull out entire walls in an instant! However, the stand is not only limited to only pulling out normal objects, it can use the fundamentally power of the cosmos! It can summon a meteor storm, can use warp gravity, harness the light and intense heat of the sun, or open a black hole!

Like the eyes of its St. Elsewhere form, the eyes of the Sacred Heart can “see tomorrow the answer and the lie and the things you’ve got to do”- one eye burns of white fire, while the other burns of black fire. No secrets or illusion can fool these blazing eyes. The jade gem in the stands forehead grants the stand’s user the power of future sight in the form of dreams.

The stands upper left side is a cluster of gold shards that orbit the stands power source, a blazing heart with an all–seeing eye. These shards can be used as projectiles that can be lunched at supersonic speeds. If needed, a single shard can be formed into any sort of tool the user needs; a weapon, armor; the objects are very durable and can even affect non-stand users only anther stand could destroy something made from the shards. The shards can also be used for tracking: let’s say an enemy escapes by use of a plane; Sacred Heart can launch a shard into the plane’s hull but does not actual do and damage to the plane. Sacred Heart can then feel a pull from the shard no matter what the distance and track it down.

Sacred Heart’ last power is it’s most frightening. The floating, burning heart fires a ray of light from its eye; anyone struck by this light is shrunk down to the size of an atom and then pulled into the rainbow cloak the stand “wears”. There, the unfortunate soul is lost in a never ending dimension made of the cloaks threads. The only way to be escape it to find the end of the cloak (“Run along the rainbow before it turns to black”) but this feat is not easy; so small the target is, it would take months to walk one inch! However, a stand user may fair better…

The Sacred Heart stand is powerful and mysteries, who knows what other power it may possess!
Wow, this took me forever to do. I tried to get this posed before the New Year, but as I type this, it 2011 already. I actually had this thing finished back in October! The only problem was that I could not scan it because I lost the scan software for the scanner/printer I own. Early this week I found it! So the nest time I finish a piece it will be up much sooner (already got that going).

Anyway, back to this art piece: strangely enough, I stared this almost several months before Dio actually died, so as a kind of tribute to Dio, I wrote the name of the stand in the same way (as best as I could) as the title on Dio’s album “Sacred Heart” which was the song I got the inspiration for this.

The heart design was inspired by Doviculus’s heart, the demon guy from Brutal Legend (good game, not great but still good :p ) only I added the eye. Look in back, I wished I had made the heart to look like it was bleeding instead of being on fire; like in the song “And find the sacred heart bleeding in the night”. I wanted to keep going with the “religious fire” theme which was in the last two, but still, the bleeding idea would have been cooler.

I got the “shards” idea from that Soul Calibur Charade; I also like the wired, non-human characters in fighting games.

The “space” side of the stand came from the Marvel Character Eternity. I am more of a DC than a Marvel comic reader, but I always like those space gods that Marvel has and Eternity is my favorite.

On one last note; the design of the cloak was not done by me, it was done by my younger sister who wishes to only be known as “K”(she’s weird like that). She drew the cloak but I colored it, I couldn’t think of the design so she was very helpful.
Ok copy-write time. Although some I only mentioned some other copy-written characters which helped inspire me, I am still going to mention who they belong to. Why? Because I am paranoid. :paranoid:

“Sacred Heart” song by Dio (may be rock on in the afterlife \m/)
Stands are from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure made by Hirohiko Araki
Doviculus is from the video game Brutal Legend made by Double Fine Productions
Charade is from the video game series Soul Calibur made by Namco
Eternity belongs to Marvel Comics
Cloak design done by my sister “K”
Art and coloring done by me. Please don’t steal (like anyone would steal this :p )
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Feyria-Zuras Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting and intricate design, nice :D! I wonder what your new ideas may be hehe! Cool of you to let us know what inspired you to draw certain aspects of the piece :)
priestofdune Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
Thank you for kind words, it means a lot! =D 
Feyria-Zuras Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Totally!! :D You're so welcome!
MisterY675 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
I'll try!
MisterY675 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
two words: BAD A$$!
even if it's overpowered,it's fantastic!
i wanted to do one based on the "Iron Man" song, but i don't know what powers give to him...
priestofdune Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Thank you so much for the kind words! I means a lot! =D
I wish you luck with your own creation! :thumbsup:
MisterY675 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
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