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Sound of Fury by priestofdune Sound of Fury by priestofdune
Bloody Hell! This took forever! God I cannot believe how lazy I am. Oh well at least is done; my first original character.
Well, maybe not. This piece could, in some ways, be considered fan art because it’s based off the artworks of a much more talented artiest

A short explanation: artiest :iconstars-in-well: created a set of characters called Queen of Spades and January, spirits who serve a certain function in the world. My favorite piece by stars-in-well in one which both characters are in (see here: [link] ). In that piece stars-in-well explains the origin of these characters: they were born from a sound or rather in this case no sound, they were born from silence. Queen is the silence before the sound and January is the silence after the sound. I always thought that was pretty cool. Well back in February, around the time my computer got a nasty virus and had to be reformatted I had to find other ways to past the time. While playing the PS2 game “Okami” for the 10th time (it’s a good game I don’t care what you say) I was thinking about these characters and how they are created by sound and then-it happen! A (figurative) bolt of lightning struck my brain and I said out loud (to no one) “What about a character created by the sound that broke the silence?” And that’s when I deiced to take it upon myself to create a character based on stars-in-well’s “mythology” as close to her style as much as I possibly could. Why did I take forever on it? Like I said, I am super lazy; at least I getting up now and not a year later like I have been doing. But enough of my rambling, come meet Fury!

Now despite his name being “Fury” he is actually a pretty calm fellow; nothing seems to faze or rattle him. Fury is usually quiet and distant and will only speck if he wishes to. That said, those in his presence tend to be wary of him, like he’s a bomb ready to go off; it the eyes, though red and gold eye that seem to just stare into your soul. Oh course his “siblings”, Queen of spades and January find that to be just silly, Queen says his eyes are pretty (much to Fury’s embarrassment). Fury does have this little quark that tends to get on EVERYONE'S nerves: Fury has tendency to uh, barrow things without asking and often forgets to return them. He’s so quiet and quick, when he takes something, no one seems to notice. Style wise, Fury takes a bit from his “brother” January (January is a sharp dresser). Fury also likes to wear white, lots of white. He’s also very fond of lighting patterns. Why? Well both have to do with his function.

As I briefly mentioned at the beginning, stars-in-well’s characters have a certain function. Queen’s job it to prevent living things from dying in their sleep and January’s takes care of rivers and lakes. Fury’s function? He’s an artist. Not just any artiest, THE artiest. Okay, here’s how it works: remember those freaky eyes fury has? Well those eyes allow Fury to gaze into peoples’ minds (and he does not ask permission before he does, he’s kind of blunt about other people’s feelings). He can see all their hopes, dreams, fears, etc. If he sees something interesting, he will create a painting based on what he saw; sometimes he combines images from multiple minds. When Fury has completed the painting he chooses an artist and, with a snap of his fingers, sends a mental image of the art piece directly to the artist. You know that feeling you get when you get a great idea? That electric feeling in your brain? A brainstorm? That Fury hitting you with the bolt of inspiration. Fury is the source of inspiration itself! Should said artiest recreate the painting in perfect detail, Fury will give the painting his greatest gift: his respect. This takes the form of an unseen aura that protect the painting from all forms of misfortune and insures that the painting will last for ages to come and will never be forgotten. (Hmm… that means my pic wont last very long because it looked so much better in my head. -sigh- ) The reason he likes the color white is because it reminds him of the open canvas, or a blank sheet of paper, just wanting to have a master piece created on it. That’s his function. Oh I almost forgot, he and control the element of lighting, not just the figurative lighting he uses to send images of paintings but actually, real, will-strike-more-than-once-, lighting.

Now that you know a bit about Fury lets examine his living courses as seen in my pic. It’s a small place out in the middle of nowhere but that suits Fury fine, he likes the solitude. On the right you’ll see his work space. Seems Fury was in the middle of his latest work. He likes to draw on Japanese scrolls; really he loves the culture of Japan a great deal, that’s way is place is covered with stuff from Japan. He likes to sit in is lofty armchair while he works; he claims it’s the most comfortable armchair in the universe (he refuses to say where he got it). Under his desk you’ll see a sort of filing cabinet. Fury keeps all his art supplies in there, alphabetically (it’s one of those “magic” cabinets that are actually bigger on the inside than they are on the outside. There great when for when you need a lot of crap without taking up a lot of space. Again, he won’t say where he got it). On the left your see a shelf holding more scrolls. Looks pretty full might be time to get another one. Who know what art works on those scrolls; might have a da Vinci or a Rembrandt in there. Maybe one of yours is buried in there somewhere. Ah, Fury also has a shamisen, a Japanese guitar. Fury loves to play this instrument, finds it very relaxing. You are probably wondering why the walls looks like some painted them while on some wild drugs. Well Fury could not decide on one color to paint use and ended up using multiple colors in one big mess. Oh, it looks like Fury has company; we’ll just let ourselves out.
Why am I so slow and lazy when it comes to art? –sigh- I sure the last thing you guys want is me whining some more about how much of a bad artiest I am. I could mention my many mistakes in anatomy and perspective in my piece but hey, you can probably see that yourselves. Instead, I’ll point out all my little “secrets” I added in. Now, as I stated from the begging, I got the idea of Fury while playing the video game “Okami” so I could not help but add in items from the game. First the ones on Fury’s person: around his neck is the “String of Beads” (why he would need a item that grants him immortality is beyond me; he’s a spirit, he’s already kind of immortal). In his vest pocket is the “Silver Pocket Watch” (although in the game it colored gold so why it’s called the “Silver” is unknown). On his right hand is the “Thief’s Glove” (maybe that how he’s so good at “borrowing” stuff). In his left hand is the “Celestial Brush” (HOW DID HE GET THE INK BRUSH OF AMATERASU?!). And finally, around his waist are the “Exorcism Beads” (..really Fury, you’re using a holy artifact as a belt? Come on man, that rude) On top of the scroll shelf are a “Incense Burner” (the smoking one duh) and a “Dragon Statue” (my favorite stature from the game because I was born in the year of the dragon, 1988). On his desk is a “Cat Stature” (now I know what you’re thinking “Priestofdune, why use the cat statue and not the tiger stature from the game? The tiger was the god of lighting!” Well I didn’t like the tiger statue, it looked silly). The large sword on the right is called “Blade of Kusanagi” (again I can hear you- “Priestofdune, why have that sword and not the Thunder Edge” that sword had a lighting element to it. Well I liked this sword better, it was easier to draw). On the left wall if the “Divine Retribution”, a holy mirror that expells holy flames (that’s why it hasn’t burnt down his house yet). Not only does it a great mirror, it makes for a good lamp! And if you look in the mirror, you will see Fury’s company: why its Queen of Spades and January coming to pay there “brother” a visit (take my word for it I had a hard time drawing them is such small detail. I got the idea of having them appear in my pic but only in a mirror from Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Double Portrait. Sounded like a good idea on paper anyway).

Well that it. Oh I forgot to mention the reason why the window is broken. Well its symbolism, the shattered window represents Fury because he was born from the sound that shattered the silence. There now I done. What, more questions? Why did I title the pic “Sound of Fury”? Well it a play on words of that book title “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner. When I first formed the idea of this character I could come up with a name. I stared playing on names based on sounds and that book title came to mind and liked the sound of it so that’s why I named him Fury (mind you I have never read the book, the tile sounds cool though) plus it’s ironic considering how calm Fury is.

You still here? I done, go look at more talented artiest than me like this one: :iconstars-in-well:

Character Queen of Spades and January © :iconstars-in-well:
Okami and itams from Okamai © CAPCOM
Fury and art © me
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InIt2WinIt Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
lol nice picture i would just say you should try doing sketching and see how that comes out because when i drew like that it came out kinda like that xD then i got taught skething and now my pics come out quite nicly go on my profile if you wanna see what i mean ^^
priestofdune Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011
Thank you for the kind words and advice, I really appreciate it! =D
InIt2WinIt Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
no prob just asking how old are you because right now im 13 and i learnt sketching like when i was 7 and it can really inprove you art look at my art work if u wanna see how it looks =D
priestofdune Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011
Me? I'm 22. I am a big art fanatic, but I am not a very good artiest, no matter how much practice I have. But when I have a cool idea in my head I want to try and draw it. Never seems to come out how I see it in my head though. ^^; I have many more ideas I want to draw, but I am going to be busy the next couple of months, I am moving back to the states. Maybe to pass the time, I could work on sketches instead of focusing on one big piece. Maybe.
InIt2WinIt Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
dang well all i would say is if your not good at it that way practice loads and if that dosent work out try drawing a different way ^^ i hope i can help in some way but i cant because i live in the uk xD well gl with what your doing in the states =D
stars-in-well Featured By Owner May 9, 2011
Yay, i love it! I'm very happy to meet Fury :aww:
And i'm so glad to say that you've created really interesting and amazing character! O, being the bolt of inspiration is wonderful! I love lightnings in all their incarnations ^^ I'm sure that Queen and January are very happy to meet Fury too :aww: I guess, Queen would like him very much because he is artist, and she loves art! :D
Ah, all the details in the picture and in Fury's symbolism are so amazing ^^ And i love-love-love all the little secrets you've created at this picture ^^ Also i'm so glad to see Queen and January visiting him :aww: May i draw one day them three together? ^^
And i'll be very glad if Fury takes part in some stories :aww: Thank you so-so much for making this picture :hug:
priestofdune Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
I am glad you like it! It means a lot to hear your kind words. :hug:
Thanks for adding my pic to your favorites as well!
You are more than welcome to draw Fury, I look forward to it! =D
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