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JJBA OC: Go-Go Gadget Gospel by priestofdune JJBA OC: Go-Go Gadget Gospel by priestofdune
My second work complete! (Only took an entire year! I was busy with school work and the move to the UAE)

This is still my stand St. Elsewhere; I just decided to expand on its powers. Go here to see it in its normal form: [link]

From my first piece, I decide to add on powers for each limb. To use a power, the user (me that is) has to say a prayer to activate a power (going off the “saint” motif). After saying said prayer, St. Elsewhere removes one of its golden gauntlets to use the power; this is called “Go-Go Gadget Gospel”. These extra abilities are powerful but can only be used for a short time. Also, when using one of these abilities, the user will be unable to use the life saving ability “Charity Case”.

Seeing as how I showed off the “Crazy” ability in my last piece, I’ll start with that one:

“Go-Go Gadget Gospel.
With fear and delight
Show evil the fist of the
Strike with the Sacred Fist.
Show them there secret
Fears and make them

Discretion of its abilities can be found on my last piece.
That was the right arm, now for the left:

“Go-Go- Gadget Gospel.
Call the wind and the Lighting,
Bend the clouds to your will.
Strike with vengeance and fury!
Can you feel it?
Storm Coming.”

Once the prayer is complete, St. Elsewhere removes the gauntlet on its left hand and gains the power over the weather its self! Just like with “Crazy”, wings sprout form it arm; unlike “Crazy” however, a lightning pattern appears on its arm. This mark acts as a timer for the power as it fades with time.
On the right leg (his right)

Go-Go- Gadget Gospel.
Connect to the nonliving,
To the soulless machines.
Control and command them.

Completing this one, St. Elsewhere removes the gauntlet around its right leg and electrical cords (that seem to spring out of no where) wrap around its leg (and the wings). These cords extends off its leg and connects to any near by electrical device (it can be a cell phone, a computer, an electrical sever you name it) and turns it into a kind of mini transformer that obeys the stand user. An enemy may find them selves out numbered if they don’t watch there surroundings. Of course, that’s the ability weakness: it’s useless in places with out any sort of technology. The range of the ability is only a mile wide and it takes time to gather up the bots.
Now the left leg:

“Go-Go Gadget Gospel.
Evil has a guilty heart;
Memories of lost ones;
Enemies and victims.
Show them there sin
Oh sacred

For this one, St. Elsewhere removes the gauntlet on its left leg, and a strange, impish mark appears on its leg. When an enemy sees this mark, it suddenly move as if it was a living thing, slides off the saint’s leg, crawls toward the enemy and latches onto them and remains on them like a tattoo. Once this happens, the Saint strikes the ground with his left leg, and summons zombies of anyone they may have lost or killed in there life. There are not real zombies, just very realistic clay statures of them (there very convincing) but will attack the enemy like zombies, craving flesh. It’s more a psychological ability meant to scare and set the enemy off balance. The zombies can be destroyed very easily and the entire thing won’t work if the enemy don’t see the mark when it is first activated whether it be blindness or already know its there and avoid looking at it, this mark is the link to the enemies mind.

The last ability involves the head:

“Go-Go Gadget Gospel.
Remove your band of gold
And open your blind third eye.
See all that was, is, and will be
Feng Shui”

For the last one, St. Elsewhere removes the gold band around its head; it’s eyes close, and a great golden, blazing eye opens from the middle of its for head. With this eye, the user of St. Elsewhere can anything that has or will accrue within the eyes sight, it will look though time itself. For example, in a fight, this would be used to see an enemy’s attacks before he/she makes them. This ability is also useful if the user needs to find someone or something by looking into the past and see what happened to them/it.

That’s all the powers but this stand has one more trick up its sleeve!

“Go-Go Gadget Gospel.
Forget all worries and cares,
Let go and go full force.
Do not hold
For this my be
The Last Time”

By saying this, St. Elsewhere activates all of its secret powers at the same time (as pictured above)! However, using, all these powers at once puts a huge stain on the user and using it to long my result in death (yikes!). In this form, St. Elsewhere is at its strongest! The green clock around because a clock of green flames (douse not do anything special, just looks cool) and a huge halo appears behind the stands head (again, only to look cool). It burns with power! Light escapes from the cracks in its stone like skin and-what a moment. The crack over the stand’s hart has broken open-reviling some sort of metal wheel. It looks like something is supposed to fit into it, but what? Something small, like a key; or- a arrow?

Well there it is, another piece done by me (took me long enough). I had the thing done ages ago but the stupid scanner died and I had to get a new one. Plus school work and moving did not help at all. To make matters worse, IT LOOKS TERRIBLE! You can’t see the areas of yellow I shaded around its cracks to imply light coming from them to dispute the gray skin. My scanner at home was not working, so I waited until I went to the United States for vacation and use my grandparents’ scanner. As you can see, it got a little damaged. Oh well, better luck nest time.

All right copy right time:

Stands are from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure made by Hirohiko Araki
All songs referenced to. All made By Gnarls Barkley.

“St. Elsewhere”
“Go-Go Gadget Gospel”
“Feng Shui”
“The Last Time "
"Charity Case”

I got the idea for the green flaming cloth from Gurren Laggan (the best anime ever).

Art is done by me (why do I say that, you would want to steal this crap?)
scarbebi Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Student General Artist
im so sorry
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for this poor creature
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